We are excited to be working with you and welcome to our showroom! 

In order to appropriately sell and market your brand, there are several requirements we need to receive as soon as possible from you. This package will outline step by step the information we need in order to best market you. We appreciate your cooperation and timeliness with these items. 

Should you have any questions or concerns moving forward, please do not hesitate to reach out.




STEP 1: sales assets

Attached in the email we sent you is a Sales Platform Template that we will need you to fill out with your products and their information. 

This should include ALL of your pieces available to be sold. Please fill this template out correctly in order to properly equip our sales team to sell your products.

There are examples filled into the attached template for your reference.




  • Fields highlighted in purple are required
  • Style id = Sku number
  • Option Code = item color
  • Sizes if applicable (s/m/l, 0/2/4, ect) must be listed out on individual lines for each sku. (do not list s/m/l as one size under the column)







We need images of each individual product you are including in the template. We need to receive these as separate image files, in jpg form. (Dropbox suggested). 


We ask that you send both high resolution and low resolution images, if possible. It would be greatly appreciated. 

Each photo must be saved as its STYLE ID that you filled in for the template (item sku number.) 

If you have additional views of the same product (Style ID) please format as following: STYLE ID - 1,2,3...


We will review images of your product shots and if they do not meet protocol, we do have an in-house photographer with whom we can set this service up for you. Fee applicable.







You will provide a sample set for each showroom you have chosen to showcase your line in. 

You will mail/messenger these directly to the showrooms with the following criteria:

  •   Before the package is sent, we must receive a digital copy of the inventory. 

*See Inventory Template; examples filled in. Items in red required*


  • You will only include styles you send in the sample set on the Inventory Template.
  • Include a packing slip (or printed copy of inventory template) of items included in each shipment of sample sets that you send.
  • Items must come tagged, and all tags are to be approved. Please send an image of tag to paige@succarra.com for approval.
  •  Tags must include sku number, brand name, wholesale amount, retail amount.

Packages sent to showrooms without receiving both the e-mailed inventory template and inventory packing list with the sample package will not be opened or processed.








  • Hi-resolution logo.

  • Look books via email should you have one.
  • Model shots - via Dropbox link is preferable.