Since its inception in 2006, SUCCARRA Media Group has grown into a leading, top of the line full service agency with offices across the country. Our agency works with emerging and established businesses across fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and hospitality sectors, ensuring successful PR campaigns and sales strategies.

SUCCARRA Media Group prides itself on the ability to focus time and attention to each and every client, working in tangent to create realistic goals, and ultimately, successful partnerships. With a hardworking and dedicated team, SUCCARRA Media Group is the authority on all things PR, Digital Marketing, and Social Media.

Public Relations  



Every product should have its day in the spotlight, but


 it takes a pro to prevent a "one hit wonder."

We create brand strategies that combines each 

brand's DNA with market trends to ensure we


have strong media coverage. 

Through our years of experience and long-standing relationships with print, digital, and broadcast outlets worldwide, we've successfully increased ROI for industries such as: fashion, lifestyle, tech, food and beverage, travel, beauty, and consumer businesses.   

Influencer Marketing


How the world has changed, right? It's not just about traditional forms of advertising, to have successful media coverage it requires a dual approach. 

Product seeding and ambassador partnerships with the "it crowd" has always been part of our core formula.

It's about identifying what is next for the industry and placing your brand there before everyone else.    

Social Media | Digital Marketing

When over 50% of the world gets their information from social media - it's a 100% must for brands. 

Communicate and control your brand's message - influence how the consumer spends their dollar. 

With our strategy and experience in social / digital media, growth is exponential. 

From content creation to social mapping we can ensure success with every post. 

Celebrity Placement


In the world where anyone with a camera can be a celebrity, it's making sure that we're aligning your product with the right talent, to maximize your ROI.   

With our direct relationships with celebrities and the people closest to them, we're able to help your brand rise to the top. 

Content Creation | Creative Services


Proper collateral says everything about your brand. You only get one first impression, so make it count.   

Our teams in New York and Los Angeles are skilled in the creative arts, and are able to take your idea and put it to paper. From look-book creation to full digital content, we have the capabilities to make your first impression stick.   

Brand Consulting   


No one knows everything and the saying "it takes a village" is true. 

We can advise you on everything from trends and media training, to full business development. With years of experience in developing brands and being on the front lines working with editors / buyers daily,  we're able to get you fast tracked to solid and sustainable growth. 

Hospitality Marketing | Events 


The "right exposure" is key. From star studded launch parties to consistent media coverage, we're there every step of the way to curate the content and buzz.   

To make sure your restaurant or hotel can survive the 3 year mark, it takes unforgettable guest experiences. It's not just about throwing events, it's about putting the right PR and marketing strategy in place.